User survey results guide Airport development

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Dubbo City Council has used the results of the 2014 Terminal User Satisfaction survey to inform the 2015/2016 Dubbo City Regional Airport Business Plan and the development of the Airport Master Plan as reported to the Finance and Policy Committee on Monday night, May 18.

Chair of the Finance and Policy Committee, Councillor John Walkom, said that the primary purpose of the User Satisfaction Survey is to determine the level of satisfaction or dissatisfaction among users of the Dubbo City Regional Airport Terminal and to identify areas for improvement.

"Customers of the airport are surveyed every two years to evaluate the services being offered currently and to investigate what could be offered into the future," Clr Walkom said.

"Overall, the survey reveals very high levels of satisfaction among the users of the airport, and common threads identified, such as the desire for a variety of destinations, will guide planning for the future.

"In order to ensure that the Dubbo City Regional Airport continues to be relevant to its clients and customers and to provide an important economic stimulus for the city, the maintenance and continued development of the airport must be in line with client and customer needs and expectations.

"The top two suggestions for improvement from the User Survey were more flight destinations and more general parking.

"Brisbane, Melbourne, Newcastle and the Gold Coast ranked in the top four of potential new flight destinations, with 86 per cent of respondents of the 2014 survey indicating they would consider flying directly to other destinations, compared to 65% in 2012.

"With that in mind, it is considered that the preparation of a business plan based on direct flights between Dubbo and another major centre other than Sydney be prepared for presentation to Regular Passenger Transport Operators."

Chair of Finance and Policy Committee Councillor John Walkom 0419 843 233