Airport Parking

Regular Car Park

The Airport offers both short and long term parking options with over 350 car spaces available. CCTV monitors the car park as well as regular security patrols, however Council does not guarantee the safety of vehicles left in the car park.

Rental Car park

The Airport has a dedicated rental car park with over 100 spaces available.

Secure Car Park

The Airport secure car park operates at a cost of $17.50 per day or $105.00 per week. The secure car park is fully automated and open from 5am to 7.30pm, seven days a week. New vehicles cannot enter after 7.30pm but existing vehicles can exit at anytime. Features of the secure car park include:

  • 87 car spaces (including two disabled spaces) and two motorcycle spaces, with 66 spaces under shade
  • A 2.4 metre high perimeter fence
  • Automated pedestrian gates
  • Single entry and exit gates for vehicles
  • Surveillance by CCTV and security patrols.

How to use the Secure Car Park

  • Turn left at sign Secure Car Park.
  • Press GREEN button - take your ticket.
  • Enter carpark.
  • TAKE YOUR TICKET WITH YOU - do not leave ticket in car.
  • Exit via the pedestrian gate near terminal. 

      On Return:

  • Scan parking ticket, Pay and get new Validated ticket from Pay Machine in Arrivals
  • Take this new ticket to scan into pedestrian gate and also to exit car park in your vehicle.

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